thumb|358px|rightBrothers In Arms is the third piece of music from the Halo CE Soundtrack.

Brothers In Arms


Halo Combat Evolved Soundtrack




Martin O'Donnell

Prev Song:

The Truth and Reconciliation Suite

Next Song:

Enough Dead Heroes


The ending part of the song appears on the main menu of Halo CE and the opening and closing cutscenes of the Pillar of Autumn. It plays twice during the level Halo, once during the Covenant's last attempt to eliminate the first group of survivors, and again on the Covenant's attempt to kill the very last group of survivors. It also plays four times during the level Truth and Reconciliation, once outside the ship, once when entering the loading bay, once near the brig where Captain Keyes is held and during the ending cutscene. It also plays in the Shuttle Bay if all, or nearly all, of the Marines are dead, when Cortana will call Echo 419 for reinforcements, opening the bay will cause the song to play. This song's ending is exactly the same as the opening to the Halo 2's track "Impend."


In Halo CEA, the song was remixed and renamed into "Bravery, Brotherhood." In Halo 3, it was remade into "Follow Our Brothers."

Enough Dead HeroesEdit

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