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The Chino-Korean War or "Great Asian War" was "stage two" for the sparking of WWIII. It began a ever increasing hatred between the two countries, and would eventually spark the collapse of Communism.

In 2016, Korea had succesfully united North and South into one nation, with it's capital at Pyongyang. Korea then decided it wanted to create a ever lasting empire, one free of communism and unleashed a plan to unite Asia under one rule, Korea itself. To make this possible, Korea would need to destroy the one country that uses Communism, China. It was also the biggest military power in Asia, and once defeated, uniting Asia would be no problem. They immediately invaded China and they declared war.

The war started in August 13, 2016 and ended on December 30, 2017.


A United Asian Continenent (August 10, 2016)Edit

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