Judgment day nukes from terminator 3 rise of the machines

The Franco-German Nuclear War was the first case of Nuclear conflict and the first war not to involve actual ground, air or naval combat of any kind. It also showed the deadly effects of Nuclear warfare, and was but a shadow for the much larger Third World War.

Franco-German Nuclear War


War on Terror, Afghanistan War


Australian Civil War, Chino-Korean War


Israeli Civil War, First Korean Uprising

It erupted when Germany was rumored to be gathering Nuclear weapons for an assault on France, but was actually gathering them so they could defend against possible Russian attack. The French immediately declared war on Germany by initiating Nuclear fallout of it's bordering regions. This angered Germany and they retaliated with further Nuclear bombing.

The War started on June 26, 2016 and ended on September 22, 2016.


Initial Nuclear Fallout (June 26, 2016)Edit

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