The Israeli Civil War is what would begin a massive fight to conquer Israel and bring Judaism to it's end. The Neo-Israeli Faction, a group of terrorists devoted to the destruction of Judaism, begins a war to bring the Israeli government to it's knees.

Israel is assigned to help NATO in keeping a secure watch on Korea after the Chino-Korean War. However, the Neo-Israeli idealists would rather see communism rise than Judaism. Wanting Israel to convert to Communism, The Neo-Israelis, backed by the Arab Emirates, declares Civil War against Israel. Noting recent events, America and the UN back Israel fearing that terrorism might rise once again and do not want a Second War on Terror.

The War started in April 5, 2019 and ended in January 17, 2021.


The United Arab Emirates calls for the death of Israel (April 5, 2019)Edit

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