.30 Caliber Light Machine Gun102mm Shaped Charge-High Explosive Rocket Launcher110mm Rotary Cannon
120mm Ventral Gun14.5x114mmAustralian Civil War
Avery Junior JohnsonBirth of a Spartan TrailerBirthing Period
Blue DeathBrothers In ArmsBumblebee-Class Lifeboat
Chino-Japanese WarChino-Korean WarChristian-589
Colonial Military AdministrationCortanaCovenant Assault Carrier
Covenant CAR-Class FrigateCovenant CCS-Class CruiserCovenant CPV-Class Destroyer
Covenant CarrierCovenant CorvetteCovenant Destroyer
Covenant EmpireCovenant FrigateCovenant Heavy Cruiser
Covenant Light CruiserCovenant LoyalistsCovenant Remnants
Covenant Reverence-Class CruiserCovenant SeparatistsCovenant Stealth Corvette
Covenant SuperCarrierCovenant WeaponryDeliver Hope Trailer
DenisoviansEnough Dead HeroesFirst Human Intergalactic Empire
First Naval WarForerunner WeaponryFranco-German Nuclear War
Gladys SwansonHalcyon-Class CruiserHalo
Halo: Arms RaceHalo: Blood LineHalo: Combat
Halo: Combat EvolvedHalo: Combat Evolved AnniversaryHalo: Combat Evolved Soundtrack
Halo: Combat Evolved WalkthroughHalo: Contact HarvestHalo: Evolutions
Halo: Fall of Reach:CovenantHalo: Fall of Reach: Boot CampHalo: Fall of Reach: Pillar of Autumn
Halo: First StrikeHalo: Ghosts of OnyxHalo: Helljumper
Halo: LandfallHalo: Last One StandingHalo: Origins
Halo: ReachHalo: SilentiumHalo: The Cole Protocol
Halo: The Essential GuideHalo: The Essential Visual GuideHalo: The Fall of Reach
Halo: The FloodHalo: The Great Journey: The Art of Building WorldsHalo: The Thursday War
Halo: UprisingHaloHistory and Gaming! WikiHalo 2
Halo 2 SoundtrackHalo 3Halo 3: ODST
Halo 3: ODST SoundtrackHalo 3: The Cradle of LifeHalo 3 Soundtrack
Halo 4Halo 4 SoundtrackHalo 5 Soundtrack
Halo 6 SoundtrackHalo ChroniclesHalo Combat Evolved Anniversary Soundtrack
Halo CryptumHalo DSHalo Encyclopedia (2009)
Halo GlasslandsHalo Graphic NovelHalo Legends
Halo PrimordiumHalo Reach SoundtrackHalo Wars
Halo Wars: GenesisHalo Wars SoundtrackHamanune
Helluva Freedom MovementHomecomingHuman Vehicles
Human WeaponryHumanityIsraeli Civil War
Jacob KeyesJake-223James Lee
JiralhanaeJiralhanae AllianceJohn-117
Katherine 4-04Kig-YarKig-Yar Union
Korean UprisingsKoslovicsKrudom
Logan PhoenixLongsword-Class InterceptorMachina Federation
Machina ResistanceMaster Chief Petty Officer John-117Mgalekgolo
MoralesMy Friends, the founders and me!Neo-Friedenists
New LifeNocomNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
Odd One OutOpening SuitePatrol
PetePillar of AutumnPlaji
Precursor-Flood WarPrecursor-Primal WarPrecursor Civil War
Precursor Sovereign DominionPrimal Universal ImperiumPrototype
Remember Reach WebfilmSan'ShyuumSangheili
Saul-005Second Human Intergalactic EmpireSecond Naval War
Seraph-Class StarfighterSkirmisherSlipspace Drive
TannerTestThe Art of Building Worlds
The Art of HaloThe Art of Halo 3The Babysitter
The Blood CovenantThe CovenantThe Covenant Faithfuls
The Covenant HereticsThe Covenant LoyalistsThe Covenant Separatists
The DuelThe First Grand and Holy Sangheili EmpireThe First Insurrection
The FloodThe ForerunnersThe Guardians
The HeraldsThe HereticThe High Prophet of Truth
The Holy Federation of the SangheiliThe HuragokThe Imperialist Enforcers
The Interplanetary WarThe JiralhanaeThe Kig-Yar
The Koslovics and FriedenThe Loyalist AllianceThe Malidasium
The MgalekgoloThe PackageThe Pillar of Autumn
The Pillar of Autumn (Ship)The PrecursorsThe Predecessors
The PrimalsThe ReformersThe San'Shyuum
The SangheiliThe Separatist ConfederacyThe Separatist Union
The ShipmasterThe StoicsThe TransFlood
The Truth and ReconciliationThe Truth and Reconciliation SuiteThe Unggoy
The Union of Free ColoniesThe United Rebel FrontThe Yanme'e
Third World WarTudejsaType-26 Ground Support Aircraft
UnggoyUnggoy Combat HarnessUnified Earth Government
Unified Unggoy RepublicUnion of Socialist RebellionUnion of Supreme Nations
United Galactic AllianceUnited NationsUnited Nations Space Command
United Rebel AlliancesUnited Rebel FrontUnknown Halo Film
Untitled Halo MMOUzhe'NostromWe Are ODST
Were you looking for?Were you looking for? HaloWere you looking for? Heretics
Were you looking for? Truth and ReconciliationYanme'eYanme'e Hives

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