The Precursor-Primal War was one of the


most lethal wars in the Void's history. It is also the first war ever to occur. It would begin the destruction of one Universe, the creation of another and the collapse of the invulnerable empire known as the Primal Universal Imperium. It would also spark a time in history known as "The Age of Suffering."

The Fatatlies were beyond imagination numbering in the sextrillions for the Precursors, but the Primals suffered almost no losses.

It is estimated to have started 6 Trillion years ago in Universe One, and is estimated to have ended 23 centuries later.

Precursor-Primal War

"The God Wars"


The Supremacy Wars




Precursor Civil War

The God Wars


206th Era of Slavery (6 Trillion Years Ago)


1st Era of Falling Empires (Unknown)


Universal (Universe One)


Precursor Pyrrhic Victory. Precursors are able to free themselves of the Oppression of the Primals and trap them in a slipspace prison called the "Supreme Sphere." Universe One is left uninhabitable and the Precursors scavenge for any remaining Primal technology Appalling losses for the Precursors, none for the Primals.


Precursor Rebels, Precursor Supremial, Primal Imperium


Precursors: The Timeless One, The Knowledgeable One, The Warrior, The Oberon, The Goliath. Primals: The Bronze Primal "Poseidon", The Silver Primal "Vulcan", The Golden Primal "Zeus" and the Supreme Primal "Griffin"


70,000,921,777,678,455 Precursor troops 162 Primal immortals.


Universe One unihabitable, Precursors forced to rebuild, Precursors use Primal technology to improve upon their own and create Universe Two. Primals trapped for eternity in slipspace.


206th Era of SlaveryEdit

During the Primal's long and barbaric rule over Universe One, they used the Precursor race as a slave labor race to maintain their empire's economy and status. Eventually, one Precursor, the Timeless One united his fellow Precursors to help him in negoiatating a "deal" with the Primals. This was rejected and the Timeless One formed the "Supremial" and declared it the official house of government for the Precursor race officially declaring them "a independent race." This angered the Supreme Primal who immediately informed the Timeless One that he has one chance to dismantle the Supremial and rejoin his imperium. The Timeless One responded saying "I am a Timeless One. A shall outlive time, matter and space. I'm eternal. We Precursors will become the creators of something new. Something free of oppression, war and poverty. And especially, slavery. Your barbaric ways will surely be your undoing. We will be the spark that ignites the fuse. I hear by declare the Mantle, a religon where all must be free of violent, barbaric and imperial influence. You don't like this? Well, eternal ones. Come and stop us. For the Era of Falling Empires is about to be born."

With war declaration written in text, the Primals respond with military force.


Not much is known of the ensuing conflict except that the Timeless One was most likely the commander of the Precursor forces. The Primals inflicted heavy losses upon the enemy, but knowing they are dying for the Mantle, the Precursors continued to fight.

The Precursor losses mounted into the sextrillions. The Primals lost no one due to their "god-like" state of technology and sheer power.

Falling EmpiresEdit

The Primals finally met their end at the Assault on the Supreme Sphere where the Timeless One faked his own surrender, saying his forces were falling back into the Sphere. The Primals followed only to learn the ships deployed their had skeleton crews and the real force was hiding in slipspace. They then trapped the Primal homeworld of UniPrime in the Supreme Sphere, trapping them for eternity. Only the Golden Primal, who existed as a conscience, activated a emergency teleport 6 Trillion years into the future to the year 2547 where he absorbed the body of O'Brian Josrik or "Omega."


The PrecursorsEdit

Leaders: The Supremial

Homeworld: Zeban

Military Forces: Sextrillions, possibly more.

The Primal ImperiumEdit

Leaders: Poseidon, Vulcan, Zeus, Griffin.

Homeworlds: UniPrime, ProPrime and JalPrime.

Military Forces: 162 Primal immortals. Due to the solider classification, it is thought there were more.


6 Trillion BTBEdit

  • Timeless One creates the Supremial and establishes the religon known as the "Mantle" where all races will worship the Precursors and peace, not the Primals and war.
  • Supreme Primal declares war against the Timeless One.
  • The sky of UniPrime turns red from a massive naval clash between Precursor and Primal forces in orbit
  • The Precursors attack colony after colony after colony but with no success.
  • Period of 18 centuries is left blank.
  • War rages on and the Precursors attempt to rebuild their forces on UniPrime, but fails due to the Primal;s telepathy.
  • The Warrior finally wins a decissive victory against Vulcan at the Siege of the Eternal Sanctum.
  • The Primals attempt to erase the Mantle's existence by attacking Zeban, but for reasons unknown, the Primal's returned within 22 years of leaving. They were either repelled or learnt of the Timeless One's apparent surrender.
  • The Timeless One hides his fleet in slipspace and sends a small battlegroup of 6 unmanned 7 battleships into the Sphere, which lures in the Primals who are towing UniPrime.
  • Supreme Sphere closes on the enemy trapping them in slipspace where their god powers have no hope of helping them.
  • War ends. Precursors scavenge Primal technology and leave the Universe.


  • It is funny to note that the Primal's had the power to literally "blink" races out of existence. It is unknown why they did not simply "blink" the Precursors out of existence.
  • One of the ancient Precursor monastries states "The Warrior killed thousands of them, and they could do nothing but watch while we slaughtered them one by one. It was a contradiction to our religon, a anti-pacifism, but even pacifists eventually have to kill." This is not possible, because the post-war reports stated that Primal losses were 0. This was probably written to boost morale or to inspire their race in the near future if the Primals or a new enemy ever did fight them again.
  • The Supreme Sphere was also used to trap the Flood after their war with the Precursors. Why the didn't escape while the Flood was being imprisoned is unknown.


  • First Assault on UniPrime
  • First Raid on UniPrime
  • 106th Battle of the Eternal Sanctum
  • Assault on the Supreme Sphere


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