thumb|326px|right The Truth and Reconciliation Suite is the second track in the Halo CE Soundtrack.

The Truth and Reconciliation Suite


Halo Combat Evolved Soundtrack




Martin O'Donnell

Prev Song:

Opening Suite

Next Song:

Brothers In Arms


This piece is played on the main menu of Halo CE, during the levels Halo (Reunion Tour), Keyes during his escape from the Truth and Reconciliation, Two Betrayals when the player leaves the open gate from the tunnels you start in and finally during the Warthog Run on the level, the Maw. It also plays on Halo 2 if you stay on the main menu for a while.


In Halo CEA, the music piece is remixed and renamed Honest Negoitations Suite. Some of it's tracks are also remixed in Halo 3, most notably in One Final Effort and Halo Reborn. The first part is made in the Halo 3 track, Behold a Pale Horse. The bits 1:50 to 4:50 is almost exactly like Halo 3's track, Greatest Journey.

Brothers In ArmsEdit

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